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Kiss Me, Kate
Conceptual Costume design for a large scale production (RWCMD)

Costume drawings


1940s Baltimore. And it’s op’nin’ night of a musical version of The Taming of the Shrew. Rehearsals are over, costumes donned and there’s a 10 minute curtain call. What you’re about to witness is a whole lot more than Shakespeare’s comic love story…

Leading lady and superstar Lilli Vanessi is the ex-wife of the show’s charming leading man, Fred Graham. Fred has a fondness for flirtatious fresh-faced Lois Lane. Meanwhile, Lois’ boyfriend Bill is getting himself into debt (under Fred’s name) which leads to hairy encounters with a pair of foolhardy gangsters.

The stories unfold on and off-stage, comically intertwined in Cole Porter’s classic musical.

Full of wit, dance, show business and hit songs including 'Another Op’nin’, Another Show', 'Brush Up Your Shakespeare', 'Always True to You in My Fashion', and 'Tom, Dick or Harry'.



This project was a conceptual project that I completed whilst at RWCMD.  

Costume Designs for a large scale production of either an Opera or Musical, this project provided an opportunity to reflect on, apply and develop skills necessary for designing imaginative, creative and innovative costume designs for a large scale production of an Opera or Musical. Although the outcome of the project I was required to produce an agreed amount of costume designs, I also had to shoe evidence of through process work including, research images; sketch books; mood boards; costume sketches, costume description lists, costume plot and a final set of rendered finished costume designs.

During this project was when I first experimented with digital costume drawings. Developing theses techniques proofed beneficial to me as this was the design method that I used throughout my graduation show and specialist project during in third year. I decided to use this method as I felt it was a successful way of portraying my design ideas as well as it not being too time consuming, especially when it came to making small changes.

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